Tropical Dreams Travel Services Faq’s

What kind of vacations do you offer?

Tropical Dreams Travel  has you covered from Desert to Ocean.  If you can dream it, we will make it happen. If there is a destination you or your family or group want to visit, we can make it happen for you.

For the past 10+ years, we’ve partnered with all the major tour operators. If you’re looking for a family friendly, luxury hotel, a cruise for your crowd, a guided tour, an exotic adventure, or a destination wedding or honeymoon, or all of the above…yes, we got you covered.

We go so you know! The majority of the destinations we recommend have been personally visited by a member of our team. We invest time into  personal travel ourselves so that we have first hand experience with our travel partners & hoteliers to be able to offer our clients first hand knowledge, experiences and most of all -peace of mind.  It  gives us the opportunity to make connections with local partners all over the world to make sure your vacation experience is smooth and stress-free.

How Does Tropical Dreams Travel Work? – What Should I Expect?

Tropical Dreams Travel is delighted to receive your call or email requesting help to plan your next journey. We look forward to ensuring your vacation exceeds your expectations, because we believe you deserve the best.

One of our experienced travel agents on our team will reach out to schedule a complimentary planning consultation. Through a phone or video discovery call, we will gain an understanding of your specific needs, wishes, and interests, to make sure your travels are memorable and effortless.

If you decide you’re ready to move ahead with your vacation plans, we will ask you to complete a planning registration / credit card authorization form. Once the planning fee is processed we will immediately start planning your trip.

We are not a call center with a 1-800 number, so you will always have your own dedicated agent that will assist with your booking reservation. You will speak with the same person each and every time you have any questions. Right from your initial contact, to the time you return home from your vacation.

Why work with a travel professional?

You don’t need to be frustrated spending hours on the internet searching through the countless options or wasting any precious time to speak with a reservation agent about a booking.  Nor do you need to wait on hold for an eternity if you have to cancel your travel for any reason.

That is where we come in!  When working with Tropical Dreams Travel, you will always receive professional travel planning assistance and the ongoing customer service that you deserve.  Members of the team are ready to help answer any questions you may have and will be there every step of the way – from the first travel planning session until you return home from your dream vacation.

We work with you to select the perfect destination and strive to find the best value for your preferred travel dates.  If we find an outstanding holiday that would be perfect for you, those options will also be offered.  I am sure you realise that vacation planning takes quality time and serious research.

How much do you charge for your services?

Did you know that most travel agents work on All Inclusive vacation packages and when they do, often do not get paid? Crazy Right!  Travel professionals do not get paid to select the perfect destination for your vacation and to put together multiple quotes, only to hear “Thanks for your help, but I booked it online myself”.  Who wants to, or even can work for free? We know you can’t, nor can we.

Most All-inclusive vacation packages from our preferred tour companies and cruise lines INCLUDE travel agent commissions in their published rates.  With these travel arrangements, the travel agent only get paid when you book your trip with their agency and then in most cases it is after you travel. In order to provide the best service to our loyal and dedicated clients, a planning/research fee applies for all services.

The planning & research consultation fee for Air/hotel – All Inclusive vacation packages ( 3 destinations | 5 resorts complimentary), Ocean & River Cruises, International Air or hotel only bookings is $95 plus GST per room/ cabin booking (Not per person),  Air/hotel All Inclusive Groups ( 7, 10, & 14 day duration) and customized tour bookings $250 plus GST & Destination Weddings $700 plus GST. This payment is required prior to any time spent researching travel options.  The fee covers all quotations,  and recommendations until we find you the vacation package you want to confirm, and booking of all aspects of your holiday.  If any amendments are required or any travel advice or regulations change, we are here to assist you at any time!

However, please know that airlines and many other travel suppliers do not offer any travel agent commissions.  Planning fees apply to individual or group travel requests, as well as travel arrangements that include extensive and/or complicated itineraries which require a great deal of time and research. Fees ensure that properties and destinations are recommended because they meet your needs and not based on bonuses or commissions they may offer.

What happens if I need to cancel unexpectedly?

As I’m sure you are aware, Covid-19 resulted in many trips being cancelled. For me this resulted in fighting for refunds for my clients, which resulted in the need to return any commissions earned to the tour operators who supply the travel arrangements. This meant that I, and  many other travel agents, worked on these trips with zero compensation and then had to work to obtain the refund for clients.

So before we confirm your trip, I want to make you aware of the cancellation fees that will be applicable in the event your trip does not take place. If you choose to cancel your trip for any reason a cancellation fee from $50 per person will apply. These fees are in addition to any penalties imposed by the supplier/tour operator. This fee would only be applicable in the event you should cancel your vacation plan.  If you have purchased a Manulife Travel Insurance policy that includes coverage for cancellation, these fees can be submitted as part of your claim.

If you have secured your own travel insurance, terms may vary based on the coverage of the insurance provider.  Please double check the details of the policy with the insurer directly.

What happens if I need to make a change to my existing booking?

Any changes made to your existing room/package reservation are subject to a $50 change fee (including name changes or corrections) separate from the imposed fees from the tour operator/suppliers. All room/packages are subject to the current rates, promotions, terms & any penalty fees at the time of change with the tour operator/supplier.

How do I start the booking process?

With ALL bookings, you will be provided with a booking agreement.  You will need to approve the terms of the agreement and will be required to sign an authorization form.  Before any planning is started or any booking secure, the booking agreement including all planning and cancellation fees must be returned to our office.  Once that is processed, we won’t have to wait a minute longer to start planning your trip! The authorization will also include all of the agents contact details so you know they can be easily reached for any of your travel queries pre or post travel.

So, no matter what the occasion, we’ll make every precious moment of your vacation count! provide exceptional service, coordinate all your travel plans, special moments and deliver an unforgettable vacation experience.