Wedding Group Travel Contract

    Please read through this contract and review the inclusions and benefits for booking your group with Tropical Dreams Travel
    This group quote is valid based on a minimum of 10 adults/5 rooms being booked at the time of the deposit due date.


    Deposit Amount: $per passenger
    Group Name:
    Resort Name*


    1. Agree to pay the initial group travel deposit as detailed in the quote ($250 x 2 people) at the time of initial booking. All deposits will be applied to invoice and the Bride and Groom booked travel package.
    2. Initial non-refundable deposit of $250 per person is due at the time of booking unless otherwise stated.
    3. Acknowledge that all travel deposits made by the wedding couple and by the wedding guests are 100% non-refundable, non-transferrable.
    4. All quote, change, and booking requests, in respects to travel and/or their travel reservation or that of their wedding guests, to be made in writing directly to Tropical Dreams Travel.
    5. Understand and allow an average of 7-10 business days as a response time for quote, change, and booking requests from Tropical Dreams Travel and their Travel Suppliers, recognizing that obtaining discounted group rates from the Travel Supplier is a manual process and require additional response time than a regular non-group travel booking.
    6. All quote, change and booking requests in regards to any wedding details, including the wedding ceremony and reception, to be made directly to their Wedding Planner at the resort. Tropical Dreams Travel / TTAND does not accept liability in relation to services rendered by the Wedding Planner.
    7. Understand that all travel arrangements, including flight times and dates, are subject to change as per the Terms and Conditions of the Travel Supplier and are not the responsibility of Tropcial Dreams Travel and / or TTAND.
    8. Additional rooms added, after the group has deposited, may be subject to a new quote.
    9. Once documents are issued, if a name change or correction is required, penalties may apply, per person, per change.
    10. Understand that all change and cancellations penalties are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Travel Agency and Travel Supplier and are not the responsibility of Tropical Dreams Travel / TTAND.
    11. Provide Tropical Dreams Travel with the wedding guest list. Although it is not the responsibility of the travel agency to promote and sell the trip to the wedding guests, they reserve the right to contact wedding guests with important deadlines and details pertaining to the travel package and group reservation booked.
    12. Encourage their wedding guests to book into the held group space with Tropical Dreams Travel but recognize that wedding guests are under no obligation to book with the selected agency and/or in the held group space and have the right to forfeit their group booking benefits to book on their own.
    13. Request all Wedding Guests to submit their travel requests directly to Tropical Dreams Travel, and not directly to the wedding couple nor the Wedding Planner.
    14. Understand that failure to meet the minimum of ten (10) Adults / 5 Rooms to book as part of the group reservation will result in the loss of all group discounts and group booking benefits for everyone booked. Should the group fall below the minimum number required, new rates will apply.
    15. Encourage all wedding guests to purchase travel insurance as nobody should leave their province without it.
    16. Any / All Contracted Agents act as ambassador of Tropical Dreams Travel to their wedding guests in support of their policies and processes to help alleviate any stress or concerns. Encourage wedding guests with problems to contact Tropical Dreams Travel immediately so the problem can be promptly addressed and resolved.
    17. Ensure that they, and all of the wedding guests, have paid in full on or prior to the final payment deadline. Failure to do so may result in cancellations of passenger(s) air seats being released and/or the withholding of travel documents for everybody in the group by the Travel Supplier, until their group invoice has been paid in full.
    18. Adhere to and understand the Group Booking Terms and Conditions as provided by the Travel Supplier, and Tropical Dreams Travel, and ensure that all guests have full awareness and understanding of Group Booking Terms and Conditions and of the Contract terms herein.


    If there is a Termination of the Assigned Group Agent’s Contract between Tropical Dreams Travel during the term of this Contract, the wedding couple will be promptly advised and a new Certified Destination Wedding agent from Tropical Dreams Travel will be assigned to your file. If you are a client of Tropical Dreams Travel, all guests and reservations must stay with Tropical Dreams Travel and cannot be transferred to another agency.