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Local Travel Agent Continuing to Find Creative Ways to Serve Clients

In the Era of  COVID-19

The travel industry has been one of the hardest hit during the pandemic, but that isn’t stopping agents like Melody Mudryk, who are now a critical source of advocacy and up-to-the-minute travel information for anxious travelers in a continually-changing global crisis.

Winnipeg, MB, July 9, 2020 –

Overnight, it seemed, the bottom fell out of the travel industry. Planes were grounded. Resorts and borders closed. Bookings vanished. Suddenly, all the plans people had made had to be canceled.

For many travel agents, this time has been understandably stressful. But even in the midst of a worldwide health and economic crisis, agents like Melody Mudryk are finding that their expertise is needed now more than ever.

For starters, Mudryk says, agents are still booking travel. This occasionally comes as a surprise to clients, who assume all booking is halted. But in reality, says Mudryknow can be a great time to plan travel. “Some resorts are opening back up slowly and in limited ways, as it’s deemed safe to do that. There are many excellent deals to be had. And it’s possible to book well in advance, so people can begin planning their dream vacations for 2021 and  beyond, while taking advantage of some great rates.”

In addition, agents like Mudryk are finding that their roles as consultants and advocates have become even more important. They can help travelers understand their rights, navigate the “fine print” of legal documents and waivers, understand the risks of travel, and can be a knowledgeable go-between with airlines, hotels, and resorts. When bookings collapsed in early March, for example, those who had booked with agents had someone in their corner to negotiate cancellations or re-booking. And as the situation is constantly changing, Mudryk is also serving as a source of valuable and reliable information from health experts, industry leaders, and the hospitality industry.

“Yes, travel has changed,” Melody Mudryk says. “But I want my clients to know: I’m still here. I’m open for business, and I can provide the clarity, stability, and unique expertise they need in uncertain times.”

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Melody Mudryk is an award-winning travel agent, owner of Tropical Dreams Travel. Their mission is to provide clients high-quality travel services along with peace of mind, Plus always providing the best rates possible. She handles every detail, enabling her clients to travel with trust and confidence. She visits quit a few resorts each year and is regarded as an expert in creating, planning, and executing one-of-a-kind weddings and group vacations in some of the world’s most breathtaking locations.